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"RubyBelle Events Loves..." is a blog series with the promise of oodles of Wedding inspiration, and the chance to be introduced to local creative, independent businesses from the Midlands, who will help you inject more of your personality into your big day through their gorgeous products and services!

RubyBelle Events Loves... A gorgeous collection of local creative businesses, their products & services that I am loving in the Wedding Industry right now!


At the end of this week (Friday 21st May 2021) I will be celebrating 10 years/a whole decade of being married to my Hubby Andy!! So, whilst planning the perfect gift for him to celebrate this wonderful milestone in our marriage, I thought I would share my thoughts, and my favourite creative business gift ideas to help with your celebrations too!

I am one to celebrate anything and everything, so I love the idea of celebrating every yearly milestone once you are married! The celebrations should certainly not stop on your Wedding Day! To me, the idea that as a couple you remember your wedding date in a way that is special to you every year, really makes the whole experience of marriage that much more perfect! But, bringing your personality into your Wedding celebrations does not mean that you should forget any traditions that are associated with the Wedding Industry, in fact when it comes to Wedding anniversary gifting, it is quite the opposite. have the most perfect explanation for the traditional reasons for specific gift given and I loved it so much I am sharing it with you.

"Most of us know how some of the traditions go. Silver for 25 years, gold for 50 and diamond for the big 6-0. But what about the wedding anniversary meanings that hide behind the beautifully wrapped gifts?

In a nutshell, the reason for giving a specific wedding anniversary gift by year is that it’s a symbol of the strength and worth of your marriage. So after 60 blissful years together, you’ll make it to the rock solid, bank-busting status of diamond. But if you’re in your early years, then your traditional anniversary gifts will include delicate cotton and paper. Not everybody’s on board with the idea of giving a gift as a symbol of your marriage’s fragility – understandably. The more positive way of looking at this age-old, anniversary ritual is that the materials get more robust with every extra year. Ergo, the gifts proclaim your marriage as getting stronger and stronger – definitely something to toast to!"

I mean YES to this! Although 10 years is Tin, so I have a few more years to go yet before I get that diamond!!

There are so many local (and one slightly further afield as I couldn't leave them out!), talented creatives designing and making gifts to celebrate all traditional UK wedding Anniversaries, and I want to share my personal favourites with you.

I will also give you the reasons behind the traditional gifts which make even the strangest ones, like salt(!), way more romantic!


1st Anniversary – PAPER

The traditional 1st wedding anniversary gift is considered to be paper which represents your new marriage as like a blank sheet

For paper I chose the fabulous personalised print from Betsy Benn. These fabulous bespoke reproduction bus blind prints are personalised with all the important wedding details: Date, Place, Time, and of course the happy couple's names!. A fantastic piece of statement art and a unique gift to celebration your first year of marriage.

Personalised Wedding Date print £35.00

2nd Anniversary – COTTON

Traditionally, the second-anniversary gift is cotton. This versatile material represents both comfort and strength.

Although not a local Midlands business, I just had to include the Modo Creative for a second anniversary gift.

Their beautiful, unique, personalised cotton wedding anniversary prints show off your favourite wedding shot. The simple design allows your favourite photo to come alive and be enjoyed as a piece of art for your wall.

Personalised Wedding Anniversary Cotton Print £38.00

3rd Anniversary – LEATHER

Leather traditionally represents the 3rd wedding anniversary because it's a flexible and durable organic material. One that is used to protect, keep warm, safe and secure

For anniversary number three it had to be Williams Handmade.

Designed and made in Herefordshire, this pair of matching keyrings make the perfect gift for a third wedding anniversary present which is represented by leather.

Set of two personalised leather keyrings. £24.00

4th Anniversary – LINEN

Linen traditionally represents your 4th wedding anniversary as it is said to be a good absorber of water, so is symbolic of how well your marriage can absorb any issues.

The gorgeous Embroidered Napkin Company design and embroider the most perfect keepsake napkins for any celebration. These beautiful cocktail napkins embroidered with PS. I Love You design are perfect to be used for your 4th wedding anniversary celebratory meal.

Linen hemstitch cocktail napkin embroidered with PS. I Love You - £11.00

5th Anniversary – WOOD

Traditionally, the fifth wedding anniversary gift is wood.

There is no real doubt about the metaphor of wood acting as strength and long lasting nature of a marriage.

How beautiful is this engraved natural log slice designed by Pretty Flamingo Designs.

What a unique way to display your favourite wedding day memory, and have it engraved onto a rustic log slice.

Rustic natural log slice with engraved photograph £23.00

6th Anniversary – SUGAR

Traditionally in the UK sugar represents your 6 wedding anniversary to reflect the sweetness in your marriage!

FrankieMac Confections, Handmade Macarons made in Cheltenham.

Create a bespoke box of macarons combining up to six of your favourite flavours! Individually designed macarons hand made with love. Gorgeous flavour combinations to choose from including; Lavender honeycomb, Pink prosecco and Mango Melba

Create your own special box of Macarons - £12.50

7th Anniversary – W

Wool is said to represent the comfort and warmth you feel in your marriage after seven years together

The British Blanket Company design and make thoughtful gifts for lovers of the great outdoors.

Whether picnicking on the beach or enjoying Proms in the Park, their luxury picnic rugs are the perfect companion. Made of pure wool, their blankets are made with a durable waterproof canvas backing and finished with genuine leather carry straps. They love to think that their picnic blankets are a place where happy memories will be made!

Waterproof Picnic Blanket with Straps £100.00