Introducing Uniqucorn Popcorn

Updated: Oct 30, 2021

Uniqucorn Popcorn is the brain child of Liz, a self proclaimed Sugar Addict, Retro Lover & Magic Believer from Worcester!⠀⠀

She creates air popped retro flavoured colourful popcorn which can be customised to match a colour scheme for your Wedding, Celebration, Birthday Party - infact anything really!

Tell me about your Business… and a little bit about YOU - How, why and when you started

The idea for Uniqucorn came to me when I was in the back of my friends car day dreaming about Unicorns (as I often do) and we drove past Star city in Birmingham and my mind wondered to cinema popcorn and I put the 2 together in my head and got Uniqucorn. (Yes I am a little weird but you’ll get used to me)

Anyway I often have weird random thoughts like this in my head but for some reason this wouldn't go and it kept growing and growing. I had weird butterflies in my tummy whenever I thought of it and lay awake in bed soooooo many nights just thinking about it but thinking I would never be able to do it.

I didn't have clue about starting a business, debt meant I didn't have anything at all to invest and my run away mind came up with so many crazy dreams and ideas I didn't have clue where to start.

That's when my "lets do this" moment came. I met up with my friend and was babbling on about all my thoughts and ideas and how I would never be able to do it and how would I ever be able to afford it and he said one phrase to me that changed everything, "what's the minimum you need to start it" Just thinking this helped me rein in all my crazy visions of world popcorn domination and come up with a starting point. So that month I spent my spare £25 on some popcorn, flavour and colour and made some in a saucepan. Then month by month any spare money I had I used to get little tiny bit at a time, researching and learning as I went. Now 2 years later I have just left my job to run Uniqucorn full time I couldn't be prouder of my little brand and what I've built from nothing.

How did you learn your craft/skill. How does the design process work?

As I said before I came up with the name before the actual product and business, I like to do things the awkward way around. Once I had my name and knew what I wanted my popcorn to be like I just started googling away to see different techniques for colouring popcorn, spoke to a few chefs I knew and just started playing around and experimenting to see what worked best and what tasted the yummiest.

My popcorn is completely customisable for you special day. I can do any flavour to any colour to suit your personal tastes and wedding colour scheme I love it when couples think really outside the box for the customisation, I had one couple who had a Vegas casino themed wedding and they wanted Popcorn roulette where there was mixed tasty flavours and one was hot, hot cinnamon. It was so popular I added it to my permanent favours range.

Depending on what it is you would like and size of order, I can have a customised order ready in between 2-4 weeks.

Why you love your business?

There’s just something about popcorn that always brings up happy memories in people and makes them smile. This is what I love the most, seeing how happy people are when they eat my product and knowing I’ve spread just a little happiness into someone's day.

Tell us about your workspace?

I work from home and currently all my popcorn is produced in my little tiny kitchen. The popcorn cart is even tucked into a corner of my living room.

Uniqucorn is completely taking over my house. I’m so lucky that I have such an understanding husband.

What do you love most about working in or designing products for the wedding industry?

I think this goes back to my own wedding,

I really wanted something different that moved away from the traditional uniform wedding day so most of my day was handmade by me, my friends and family.

It felt so special knowing that no-one else had these things at their weddings. That’s what I love about creating this popcorn and couples being able to customise it to suit them and their day and hopefully making their guests think OOOO that’s different, I’ve not seen that before.

Who would be your dream client? Dream collaboration?

WOW this is a tough one..... Dream Client..... I love Lily Allen and always have she’s so fun and quirky I would have loved to have provided popcorn for her recent wedding to David Harbour.

Dream collaboration I guess would be with someone like Rock and Roll bride or something like that.

Describe your business in one sentence for the couples reading this blog post

Fun, Colourful, flavoured gourmet popcorn available as favours, a popcorn cart or large bags to set up your own popcorn table.