Introducing Tulle & Blue - Wedding Accessories

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Choosing Bridal accessories is a style statement that will express your individual personality, and let it shine through on your Wedding Day.

Being able to design your own unique accessories to complement your Wedding Dress, will be something to be cherished forever, and can be kept as a timeless family heirloom to be used again by future generations.

Jane owner of Tulle & Blue uses only the finest silks, pearls, crystal and lace to create bridal adornments that are lovingly handmade with beautiful detail to create treasured keepsakes.

Tell me about your Business… and a little bit about YOU - How, why and when you started

I started my Business just over two years ago when my daughter got married. It was very much a homespun wedding, and I made so much for the wedding including my daughters dress, veil and silk hair crown plus the fresh flowers and all of the stationery and decor.

I loved it so much that I decided to start up a business making bespoke accessories.

How did you learn your craft/skill & How does your design process work?

I had run a successful Bridal gown business for 10 years, and making all the things for Rosie's wedding made me realise how much I had missed working with lovely Brides.

I trained for a degree in fashion and textiles and have always been a creative person - interior design, Garden design, making gifts for friends, sewing, painting, woodwork.

I've turned my hand to so many different things and just love it!

I make lots of samples of my work so that my Brides have items they can try on. Whilst they are able to buy from stock, most of my brides choose to have a bespoke piece designed and made for them.

I make sure that they play a big part in the design process, choosing all of the components to make up their special pieces .

At busy times I need at least two months notice for a bespoke piece - longer if it is item of clothing.

Why you love your business

My job is to make sure that each bride has a lovely time - having a piece made by me is all part of their wedding planning and my aim is to make the experience a happy and memorable one. I advise on style and colours and ensure that everything is just perfect. Working one-to-one with my clients is a very rewarding for me and is the best part of what I do. I love every part of the process but the real joy is the day that the piece is collected and my bride opens the box containing her accessories.

I just love to see the reaction - it's really special !!

Tell us about your studio. Can couples visit you?

My studio is a beautiful large conservatory room filled with light and decorated in shades of ivory, white and pale grey.

I have pretty boxes filled with beads, crystals and pearls, silks and laces and a collection of vintage fabrics and lace which I love to incorporate into my work. I also have an office with large mirror and my display cabinet containing samples. This is a private area where my Brides can try on pieces. Brides come with their mums, friends or siblings and we discuss designs over a cup of tea.

What do you love most about working in or designing products for the wedding industry?

I love designing and trying to create something quite unique. All my brides love the idea of having something completely bespoke that is unique to them.

My clients tend to be people who really appreciate something that has been handcrafted and that they can keep and hand down to future generations.

The bridal industry runs about a year behind the fashion industry so it's interesting to get ahead and look at what is on the runways, as this has a heavy influence on what Brides will be wearing the following year.

It's really interesting to keep up with current trends and create your own interpretation of those trends.

What I really enjoy at the moment is that Brides are breaking away from traditional wedding colours and really expressing their personality through their choices of what they are going to wear and how they going to decorate their wedding.

It's a very exciting time for those of us who design and it's great to have the freedom to make something really unique !

Who would be your dream client & dream collaboration?

Every Bride I work with is my dream client.

Each one is really special and it's my job to make them look the best version of themselves on their wedding day.

As for dream collaboration, I would love to have my collections photographed by the photographer Mario Testino.

I love his style which accentuates all of the details and captures the moment so perfectly - it would be absolutely fabulous to do a styled shoot with him ! I can dream !!

Describe your business in one sentence for the couples reading this blog post

I create bespoke accessories and bridal separates lovingly designed and hand made using couture techniques, heirloom pieces to be enjoyed by you and future generations of Brides.