Introducing Stacy Hammond Art

Updated: May 23, 2020

Everything you organise for your Wedding Day is to celebrate your love for each other and represent you both as a couple. So, when the day is over, the cake is eaten and you are home from your Honeymoon, how do you remember the magic of your celebration?

Stacy Hammond takes inspiration for her illustrations from the people and places around her, this is reflected in her unique drawing style.

She takes pride in creating a bespoke and timeless keepsake that is special to you both, and can transform a photograph of your Wedding Day into a one-off unique hand drawn illustration, that captures your memories forever.

Tell me about your Business… and a little bit about YOU

I have always loved to draw. When I was young, my grandparents would always buy me a brand new pack of felt tips and a blank pad of white paper. From those blank pads of paper I filled them all with endless doodles,

I progressed through High School, College and University practising the art of drawing and creating, finally graduating with a Degree in Illustration from Wolverhampton University.

How does your design process work?

The design process for my portraits is very straightforward; My clients choose an image from which I produce a draft of in the form of a pencil outline. This is then checked by the client for complete satisfaction and then the fun bit adding the colour!

This can take as little as one week depending on my workload.

Other commissions such as Wedding Stationery take a similar process time of 1 to 2 weeks.

Why you love your business

I love what I do because of how it makes people feel when they receive a piece that I’ve created.

I love to see the video reactions because you can see the joy in their faces.

That, to me, is so important in life!

Tell us about your studio? Can couples visit you?

My studio is set in a beautiful 1700’s farmhouse with a view of a secret style garden. It is a very inspiring location surrounded by all of my tools and, of course, playing my favourite S Club 7 album for that all important 90’s inspiration!

What do you love most about designing products for the wedding industry?

For me, I love creating art for Weddings because of how happy it can make my clients to receive a piece of my work that I’ve made from their vision.

I think especially for a wedding, you want something unique and special to you as a couple, and having an artist to design what ever you want is the best way to achieve this.

Who would be your dream collaboration?

My dream collaboration as an artist would be with Barbie! Underneath her "perfect" plastic exterior she represents that women can be anything they want to be; a vet, a scuba-diver, or even a mermaid if they really wanted to be one.

If Barbie officially married Ken then I would love to do a portrait of them on their big day!

Describe your business in one sentence for the couples reading this blog post

I am an artist/illustrator specialising in portraiture of humans and pets, whilst also designing wedding stationery and gifts in my own unique style.

You will find Stacy Hammond Art exhibiting at The Artisan Wedding Market on Sunday 29th September at The Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester