Introducing Lilly Dilly's

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Personalised Wedding accessories are most definitely not just for Brides!

For Grooms it is a chance for them to look seriously stylish! There are so many ways to add something unique and eye-catching to your Suit to express your personality!

Your Pet is a big part of your life, so why not make them a big part of your big day? Let your Dog delight in the attention and they will receive when arriving in one of Lilly Dillys accessories!

Lilly Dillys makes bespoke items, handcrafted, for all occasions, catering for men, women, children & pets!

“As an artisan, I love design and creativity so please challenge me with your dreams and goals for the perfect accessory!” Louise (Lilly Dillys)

Tell me about your Business… and a little bit about YOU - How, why and when you started

Hi my name is Louise and I am the owner of Lilly Dilly’s.

In 2014 my daughter Lilly was diagnoised with cancer whilst I was working as a university lecturer.

I was also doing kids craft and accessories as a side line hobby, so decided to officially launch doing these in 2015.

Commissions started coming in for bespoke items for special occasions so I rebranded into bespoke accessories in 2016, and continued running that business part time alongside lecturing.

At the same time Lilly began to get better and I was enjoying making the bespoke accessories more than I was enjoying the lecturing!

When redundancy was offered at work I took a leap of faith, took the voluntary severance and left my ‘real’job to launched into the business full time! After 6 months I took on the boutique and the rest is history as they say!

How did you learn your craft/skill?

I learned my skills from my Nan as she taught me to make and sew from a young age

I danced as a teenager to customised my own clothing and costumes, and also used my time to do lots of self-taught research, courses and online training.

How does the design process work? Timeframes on personalised items or bespoke creations

My design process begins with a consultation leading to sketches, samples and mockup designs, before the final design and then the making begins.

Clients are kept in the loop throughout the process and we work together to create the perfect unique bespoke item/items.

Why you love your business

I get to make dreams come true! I am filled with a huge sense of pride when i see my clients wearing something i have created!

I have always been passionate about individuality and with what I can make I can provide items that reflect and capture the clients character, personality and imagination.

Tell us about your studio/workspace? Can couples visit you?

Boutique and atelier in Bewdley, all items made on site. Clients can visit and see me working, purchase items from the boutique or book private consultations.

What do you love most about working in or designing products for the wedding industry?

A wedding is a huge event, a one off milestone memorable day. I get to be part of that, part of people’s memories, to create happiness and satisfaction that the finest details are exactly as the couple wants/desires them to be.

Who would be your dream client? Dream collaboration?

Chris Eubank –a British gent with his own sense of style. He is not afraid to be who he is and ‘wear’ his personality!

Describe your business in one sentence for the couples reading this blog post


Accessories handcrafted for all occasions.

Come and meet Louise of Lilly Dilly's at The Artisan Wedding Market

and purchase beautiful accessories for your Wedding Day.

Sunday 29th September at The Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester