Introducing June Tree Decor - Paper Flowers

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Imagine designing bespoke Paper Flowers for your Wedding or Celebration from your favourite book, personal messages or letters, sheet music, maps, comics, patterned or coloured paper that can match your colour scheme.

Sounds truly magnificent doesn’t it….

As paper flower bouquets, buttonholes and décor become more and more popular for weddings, in particular with couples who are looking for something a little different & alternative for their big day, we chat to Bekki from June Tree Decor, the ultra talented lady creating unique and bespoke handmade paper flowers incorporating a couples love’s, passions, and creativeness.

Bekki - Owner of June Tree Decor - Paper Flowers

Tell us about your Business & how you started June Tree Decor

I have always been creative; you name it I’ve tried it!

I have a passion for beautiful unique things in every part of my life, and I love making people happy and with my job I get to do both!

June Tree Decor Paper Flowers was created when my sister asked me to make her paper flower decorations for her wedding in Zante and the rest was history! At the start of 2018 I quit my “real job” (real work always got in the way of my creativity!!) and am lucky enough to be able to do what I love and look after my Son George.

How did you learn your craft/skill & How does the design process work?

My skills are completely self taught!

I create unique and bespoke handmade paper flowers for weddings and home decoration, I also create custom handmade invitation.

My designs allow couples to have a truly unique product incorporating their love’s, passions, and creativeness which becomes something uniquely beautiful and personal to them. They are perfect to bring back memories of special occasion or events in their lives.

What is your time frame on personalised items or bespoke creations?

When I first meet my couples the sky is the limit on what we can create together!

Depending on the size of their order, it can take me anywhere between 1 week and 3 months to complete.

It’s always best to book in larger orders to allow plenty of time for them to be made in the busy wedding season, as every flower and foliage decoration is designed and created by hand.

Why you love your business?

I love what I do because it is always different, each and every couple that I meet want something that is individual and truly unique to them.

Tell us about your studio/workspace? Can couples visit you?

My Studio/Office is in my home in Bridgnorth near Kidderminster, and is a perfect fit for me as I still get to be home with my little boy.

My door is always open for couples who are looking to talk through their ideas of what they are looking for, but I will also travel to meet couples if they want me to.

Meeting couples on there wedding journey is one of the best parts of my job!

What do you love most about working in or designing products for the wedding industry?

I love the feeling that one of the bouquets or buttonholes I have created for a couple will be part of their special day, and kept forever and a wonderful memory

It a truly wonderful industry to work in and it’s all about people and families coming together to celebrate love! What more could you want to see happy and excited couples everyday starting their amazing journey together.

Who would be your dream client?

My dream client would be someone who likes the unusual, but still wants to be the elegant Bride or traditional Groom on their Wedding Day. A Couple who want include their loves and passions into the flowers I can make for them.

"I create unique and elegant paper flower wedding bouquets, buttonholes and much more for couples who want to include what they love in a special way on their big day, without the hassle."
Bekki - June Tree Decor Paper Flowers