Introducing Flossy & James

Flossy and James believe that pets are part of your family too and therefore should be a part of your special day and special memories with you!

They will walk, play and pamper your VIP and still make sure that they get to the church on time to take part in all of your Wedding photographs

Tell me about your Business… and a little bit about YOU - How, why and when you started

We started Flossy and James 1 year ago.

I have run my own dog grooming business for 4 years and many of my clients were getting married and needed someone to look after their dog for the day/night, or if the dog was joining them they wanted a groom to ensure they looked the part on the day.

I already offered home boarding but wanted to do something a bit special which meant the dog could attend the wedding and have its own pampering at the same time. It also means the couple can have their perfect day and not worry about their little VIP.

With us being their to look after the pup it means they won't be fed anything they shouldn't and all the guests could enjoy themselves instead of taking it in turns to help to look after the dog.

Why you love your business

I love both my grooming business and the wedding business.

I love dogs!!!

I like to look after them, care for them, make them feel special and loved. I also love the cuddles they give and their funny antics that they get up to.

What do you love most about working in the wedding industry?

The wedding industry is just such a joyous business to be part of. I love the organisation, the coordination, the different ideas people have and seeing it all come together.

When booking their wedding the couple should ensure that the venue is dog friendly (obviously), the photographer is aware that photos are required with the dog and that all their guests are aware the dog will be there.

Who would be your dream client?

My dream client would be Simon Cowell as he loves his dogs and would only have the best to look after his dogs. He would also love the bespoke collars and outfits we can provide

Describe your business in one sentence for the couples reading this blog post

We can help you have your whole family with you on your special day.