The Enduring Hook…


Planning my own Wedding. I wanted to add personality to our Wedding.

I worked in the Wedding Industry at the time so I know I didn’t want it to be a creativeless, “cookie cutter” weddings like so many I was seeing and helping to plan.

I also know that I didn’t want chair covers and a chocolate fountain which were popular at the time!

I was very clear on my ideas and added elements to the wedding about us and our families


2011 – Buying jewellery online for my wedding.

I followed a company on Facebook at the time that made jewellery from gemstones and beads which I loved. I had a clear colour scheme for the wedding and I wanted a bracelet that would compliment my (champagne coloured) wedding dress.

I chatted with the owner about what I wanted, sent over images and described the idea based on some of the other jewellery she had on her page all via email.

After paying for the bracelet I realised that buying personalised items online for the wedding was actually really scary.

What happened when it arrived and it wasn’t at all what I wanted or had imagined in my head?

What if I had paid for something and I didn’t like it but as it was personalised and made especially for me I couldn’t return it?


A novel, breakthrough idea…

I wanted to get them to realise that my events are unique, different and will support and showcase them as local wedding suppliers to bring them in front of their ideal clients and wedding couples.

Bring in small businesses to the wedding fairs

Supporting and showcasing them

Letting businesses who sell to the wedding industry sell at the events

A different vibe to wedding fairs by including the Market element

Including all of the important personalised details companies to be included at the Event rather than excluded and left online. Although the online platforms work really well for these businesses they should also be offline at Events. Their products are tangible and therefore should be included like traditional wedding suppliers and service bases businesses.

My Events are about the local businesses (West Midlands, Worcestershire etc) that I support. Brining a different feel and vibe to wedding fairs rather than the stuffy traditional format full of chair covers!

Sign of Struggle… 


I decided to start contacting businesses I thought would be interested to gain feedback. Most of positive but I did get a few businesses say no. A lot said that they do not attend wedding fairs any more because of the format and in the past have found them a waste of money, time and effort.

I struggled getting them to understand the concept and change of the traditional wedding fair format as Wedding fairs in their traditional format have been the same for years and years without any deviation.


Bold & Risky Move…

I used my savings to create a website, social media and branding for the business and launched in February 2019 by collaborating with my local hairdressers to create and organise a small wedding event featuring 5 local wedding businesses.

The Event was a positive success so I took the leap and decided to organise a much larger Event supporting and showcasing 28 suppliers both a mix of traditional and artisan makers & Designers in September 2019 – This was the birth of The Artisan Wedding Market!


The Payoff!

Feedback from the September Event was very positive. The Event was well attended. Suppliers showcased, took bookings and made sales on the day of the Event and I realised that the format of the Event was going to work!


2020 and beyond brings more Events in more gorgeous locations but they will ALWAYS be LOCAL!

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